Internet of Things

Morgan Electronics develop products powered by software and electronics. The new term “Internet of Things” describes the established practice of getting these devices on the internet, so that they can be controlled and configured and so that they can report what they doing or what they’ve detected.

Past Projects

IoT Building Monitor – The client wanted to  make a family of products using the low power Sigfox radio protocol. This is one of a range of new protocols being rolled out across the UK that enable low cost, long life, battery powered devices to connect to the internet of things.

Understanding the Client’s timescales, Morgan Electronics developed a first product to demonstrate the technology and provide a foundation for future devices. Morgan Electronics chose a simple bare-metal approach to the software, to make it reliable and to give it a predictable power consumption.  The software was written in a modular way, enabling most of it to be reused in the next product. Morgan Electronics used tried and tested reference designs for hardware and software to ensure that the prototypes worked without lots of integration effort, and were a good foundation for adding more features in software.

Cleaning Equipment – Morgan Electronics developed a control system and graphical user interface for the client’s product. Connecting their systems to the internet by GSM modem would give them direct evidence of each successful use, without paperwork. It would also tell our client if there were any issues, allowing them to improve their product and the customer’s experience.

Morgan Electronics connected the equipment to the internet using the MQTT protocol, which is the backbone of IoT services provided by Amazon and IBM. Morgan Electronics provided the client with a self-contained server to ensure that units in the field would always have something to report to, without depending on the direction taken by 3rd party services. Morgan Electronics found a range of GSM SIM Cards that are cheap to keep connected and roam to any UK operator’s network guaranteeing the best signal. The system sends SMS messages to tell operators when there are events, and also emails pdf reports to managers.

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