Test Benches

Morgan Electronics develop test benches for electronic and mechanical systems. A test bench is a set of equipment set aside for performing a suite of tests on a product. Morgan Electronics make automated test benches that comprise electronic and mechanical equipment and the software that controls them. Software directs the operator through the process ensuring consistent measurements. Where possible, the software records serial numbers of the products and the results automatically, giving the operator clear indication of a pass or fail. Test benches can be included as part of a production line. Morgan Electronics make reliable test benches that allow error conditions to be handled automatically, or indicated to the operator before they cause a problem.

Recent Projects Include:

Radio Frequency Test System –  A client had written a test plan and was conducting it manually. They had some computer programs to make measurements using Radio Frequency Test equipment. Morgan Electronics made a new user interface to run the tests one after the other, recording the results and evaluating them against pass / fail criteria. The user interface included pictures of how to set up for each test step, so that an unskilled operator could use it. To reduce risk,  Morgan Electronics kept the working computer programs and continued to run them in the background to control the equipment. As well as installing the software on the real system, Morgan Electronics provided the source code and release notes to enable the client’s engineers to maintain the system themselves.

Mechanical Test System – The client made a mechanical rig to test their products, integrated into their production line so that it could test a sample of the products automatically. Morgan Electronics wrote the software to control it, so that it scanned the product’s bar codes, performed mechanical tests and produced a test result label without operator interaction. Morgan Electronics wrote a software simulation of each piece of hardware, so that the test bench software could be developed and tested before the real hardware was available.  Morgan Electronics wrote the software using Labview (a graphical programming language), which made it easy to check the modules that controlled each piece of hardware as they became available.